What Pirates Scouts Are Saying

September 19th,
Tom Gillespie on Miles Mikolas (RHSP, Giants):

"(He) Kept his team in the game even not at his best stuff. His success of this season would give him big chance (to be back in the bigs). He has the ability to stick in a major league rotation."

September 4th,
Tony Harris on Shintaro Fujinami (RHSP, Tigers):

"With those long legs and arms, it's difficult to control of his body.  That's why there's ceiling. Great potential. He is the best young pitcher (in Japan) comparable to Otani." 

April 8th,
Fu-Chun Chiang on Sho Nakata (1B, Fighters):

"There's no doubt that he has great power.  It's comparable to (Yasiel) Puig's."

on Shohei Otani (RHSP/RF, Fighters):

"Terrific player. He put up great numbers as both pitcher and position player last season. However, it's difficult to be a two-way guy in the bigs. We are seeing him as a pitcher. I would continue to keep my eyes on him."

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