Chris Dickerson Is a Good OF Depth

The Pirates were going to stay in-house for right field this year. However, they have signed Chris Dickerson to a minor league deal.

Dickerson is a typical 4th outfielder with some pop and speed. He can play all three outfield spots, and is a good defender.

Over the past two seasons, Dickerson has better offensive numbers than Travis Snider. Both are below-average hitters but Dickerson put up solid power numbers.

Dickerson .244/.286/.437, .193 ISO, 94 wRC+, 5.6 BB%, 32.5 K%
Snider     .228/.296/.351, .122 ISO, 79 wRC+, 8.7 BB%, 26.2 K%

Dickerson's 5.6 BB % and 32.5 K % are meh, but his career numbers looks better.

Dickerson .262/.339/.406, .144 ISO,  99 wRC+, 10.0 BB%, 27.3 K%
Snider     .241/.303/.398, .157 ISO,  88 wRC+,   7.9 BB%, 26.7 K%

The best case scenario is that Snider overcomes toe injury and hits well like last April. But nothing is guaranteed, so the Pirates need backup plans. IF Snider leaves the team with a performance issue or injury, you can think these 1B/RF situation.

1B Lambo/G.Sanchez, RF Tabata/Decker
1B McGuiness/G.Sanchez, RF Tabata/Lambo
1B Lambo/Sanchez, RF Tabata/Dickerson (non-roster invitee)

If all goes well, you can let him play in Indianapolis. Pirates have nothing to lose for now.

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